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Discordian ramblings--

A few interesting, to me at least, notes I've seen on the Discordia front.

I've gotten rather in to "Aneris" as a personal goddess. The term "aneristic" describes something ordered and structured, whereas "eristic" describes something chaotic and free-spirited. Neither is really "better" than the other, in fact order and disorder are essentially the same thing (each one begets the other).

The most important valence in Discordianism is creation/destruction. Order and Disorder can both be turned to creative purposes or destructive purposes, and destruction is "a bad trip."

After noting that while 500-into-infinity people list Eris as an interest, I added "Aneris" to my interest list, as well, Eris's rather lonely sister. Only one other person lists her. Sad, sad.

In "Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religion," Discordians get two off-hand mentions. One, they get an off-hand joke saying "the pagans helped the Discordians hide the firewood from the ritual," as a way of saying "Pagans aren't bad, they're not Satanists." Later on, more significantly, the author describes Discordianism as a left-hand Pagan path, focusing on dissent and chaos. This seems--well, Aneristic in the destructive sense, an academic defining something he doesn't know about.

Is a follower of Aneris following a left-of-left-hand-path?

the_october tells me I should remember that everything in the Principia is prefaced by "do you believe that?" but that's a lot less fun than trying to grep out some sort of meaning.

Ah, well, back to sleep.
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