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Spam update:

The wordsmithing, Balderdash-playing half of my brain (the prepuntal lobe) is having an almost sexual response to this latest spam:

corelatively windlings precooling clearish pinchecks. unlivably straightway slopeness outspreads insatisfactorily protozoon colliquation debye piquantly. infantile sacrament pantherish dewret. photodynamics broadaxe chondroitic bedchamber scuta uranic unvoted colorationally pondweed haytime. proteranthous repacks hysterical oversecure sacrament eupneic puerperalism reassembly predominate. unsoluble offlet phoenicians oviduct tongued intraleukocytic sermocination unfoundedly uluhi predominate stippler.

machinizing moschatelline atomised. philharmonics broadaxe onychophyma phoenicians vesicoclysis unsumptuary tribasicity ringbark besprinkling inbreathe. dooryards commie semiautomatics shalwar invulnerability optative phoenicians. rhyming misbelieve streptobacillus decals apyrases unsuperscribed trame extractors. unstung strengthless fresco rebecs bedazzle holometabolic bebouldered compriest khazens stearone. megalopsia ungruff untemperateness khazens brevit ! trysts outspreads. eschalots undaub onychophyma thraldom eroses filmsets scrawler. otoscopic ribbonfish bulletproof untupped finched appendix. mismated biface thingman. moschatelline hydrae scincoids codifier oysterhood vaugnerite shends unstung disqualification mg. gauntries dandydom puerperalism dewlaps precooling dodded affirmation unintrigued micromineralogical. curite nonputrescent pillmonger. eupneic disqualification apaches unconsonant alulet sheiklike rodded throats tongued tribasicity. sappiest cresswort somatotyper checkrowed contravention micellae scuta diagrams homolog streamwort. bandsmen naiveties. implicational foreprovision yens docking curiologically rubidiums dodd hillier confirmatively. contractedness dams torahs mysticly promote chloralformamide. checkrowed assaulted coannexes azyme contributes primp uncommandedness molossic.

Click sulphoazotize me to stop this... could sell me anything.

I'm worried, though. I've at least seen about a third of these. I have this mild fearthat these are, just possibly, words that I do not know.
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