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Strength of ten hyenas!

Got home tonight in a bit of a mood. Couldn't really sleep, feeling very restless and out of sorts. Moved the two massive wooden bookcases from the wall of the living room into the entry hallway. Mostly by myself, because this was pissyness therapy (physical labor is usually good when I'm in a really foul mood). Anyway, I put them there myself when we moved in. Butterfly helped with loading and unloading the shelves.

The living room is actually much bigger now :) Those shelves really made the room feel blocked off and claustrophobic. Even when we move...

the couch...

in, it's still going to seem like a much bigger room.

Even with

the couch.

Tomorrow--practically today, it's nearly midnight--we move the couch in. Eris bless us and keep us.
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