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Well, there goes my credit card limit :)

Amazon.Com now carries didgeridoos.

"But Moommmmmmm! I only have five!!!"

I should probably just stock up $500 and actually get a nice didj from Australia, so I can put down this little acquisition fixation. But there's also Hall Flutes, with their beautiful crystal didj. Much drooling. Actually, with a completely transparent instrument played predominantly by going "pbfpbftbfth" in a loose-lipped version of a Bronx Cheer, saliva becomes an issue. Hmm...aesthetically unpleasing in practice, but so beautiful in design.

Unfortunately, all the really nice pieces are absolute bitches for me to play. But I've gotten a lot better over the year. I can *almost* do circular breathing, to the point where I can at least bury my little gasps for air if I'm not playing alone. I'm guessing I wouldn't have any problems playing for a few minutes without stopping if it weren't for my damned Austin allergies.

Found a nice plastic didj at Nomadic Notions, very lightweight plastic shell, it weighs almost nothing. I'd hate to put anything heavy on it, so dangerous to take to RenFest, but it had a good resonant tone. Might be good for a "loaner" at drum circles. I like that I can carry these things down the street without getting any comments. Austin's cool.

Also found the Didj Magazine. Again, much with the wanting. I guess I'll wait until I clear my cred card before chasing after that one.

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