Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Bitch, bitch, bitch...

(flame mode on)
Okay, this shirt. My new company T-Shirt. It's this horrible baby-shit brown, the kind where you can't tell if it's an organic brown or a really manky green. Like some prehistoric dinosaur wiped its rear on a swamp, and someone said "Hey, what a great color for a shirt!" Anyway, all my laundry's dirty, or piled up with the dirty laundry so it needs to be sorted out or rewashed. So I think "well, hey, I work at the Company, I'll wear the company shirt!"

I'd gotten into the mode of wearing an undershirt, usually black, with a hawaiian shirt, club shirt, or some other nice, usually gaudy, shirt. It's simple, nobody expects me to get all formal, and it usually doesn't matter if I've ironed my clothes this year. So I wear my horrible green brown shirt, and there was NOTHING in my closet that would go with it. Not even the stuff that ordinarily wouldn't go with anything. My blue jeans barely go with this shirt. It's the ugliest brown ever.

All the Holt-Rineheart-Winston kids are going to beat me up and laugh at me.
(flame mode off)

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