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Objets des artes--

Okay, one side of the Sofa from Hell is complete. This is difficult to describe--one picture is surely worth a thousand words, but I can't easily upload from here. Anyway, on the left side of the red glittery vinyl bowling alley couch, is, on a black and white onyx chessboard--a lamp with a red base (glass globe, interior lights up) and a blue bulb on the top. The lampshade is a Kaiser helmet with pointy thing on top, draped with blue, green, purple and gold mardi gras beads. Around the base of the lamp, two glowing red lotus flowers from the asian grocery store. Between the lotuses, a Bat Plasma Lamp, with an electroluminescent green bat arcing purple-pink-blue.

Not only is this kitsch in a quantum leap beyond pink lawn flamingos, it's perfectly coordinated with a red-to-blue vertical color gradient, even when the lights are off. I am in awe. I must find someone who would be seduced by this incredible display of tacky decadence now, and show them my couch.

On other news, I just finished mowing the lawn, and am a little dizzy and oxygen-deprived. I may regret some of this post later on.
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