Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Pants malfunction!

This may be the first paranormal event I've ever experienced. Pity it's so dumb, but that makes sense, I guess.

I'm a guy, and for now, I'm still 20-something, so I'm a *bit* of a slob. And I occasionally wear my pants for more than one day. Sometimes, more than three days. In a row.

Most days, when I remember, I wear a belt. And I always thread it the same way--insert pointy end into loop on right hip, wind around waist, so that buckle ends up on right hip, and the point is on the left hip. Zip and fasten. Pretty standard.

This morning, for whatever reason, I picked up my pants--which I'd worn the day before--and the belt buckle was on what would be the left hip, if I was wearing them. I didn't think about it much except "huh, odd." And unbelted the pants, rethreaded the belt, and fastened them.

It felt wrong. I couldn't fasten the belt. It took me another try. This genuinely bizaare feeling, akin to deja vu--this was something I'd done a hundred times, and it felt wrong. I had to stop and think about it. All day, it felt like I was fastening my belt backward, I tried to use the wrong hands even. It was like my pants had been reversed through the fourth dimension, so the belt worked funny. Up to the point where I changed out for shorts.

Chris said, "Yes, like the sensation that the curve of your wallet was inverted." Just an unnatural feeling to the most familiar of actions.
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