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Movie Night--

Movie night went well, all things considered. Had to stay late at work (again...) to wrap up what may be the final leg of this massive, terrifying project I've been working on. Got home, went with baktre and twistdbutterfly to the grocer to pick up sandwich makings.

Had a brief "dumb male" moment, and decided to cook the sandwiches with my 1000 degree heat gun. It didn't actually work, but it was fun to try. It's pretty much a nuclear blowdryer, but it really only heated the upper millimeter of sandwich--but it was fun to watch the cheese try to escape.

The Goddess spoke to me in a movie, Plan 10 from Outer Space. It's a bit slow, but incredibly important film, possibly the most important if unnoticed film of the previous decade. It's a surrealist sci-fi movie about Mormon theology and a dark feminist angel/alien bent on destroying the world. If you read the_october you'll probably hear some more of the movie's catch phrases. My fave, said of a poet, "Your metaphors befoul the air." Somehow, this movie was inspired directly by Eris, and she even appeared in it a few times. It only goes to show. Something.

Nice to see Sdocat and KT Kat again :)


Sep. 29th, 2004 09:49 am (UTC)
It heats up sandwiches and shrink-wraps PORN! What a device!

Hmm...there's a lot of people I'd like to send down a ride on that thing...

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