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Dinner was a mitigated failure, or a highly qualified success, depending. It was edible, and a bite or two had an okay flavor--kind of a tropical banana-papaya sort of thing, but it was a touch mealy, and certainly not for the faint of palate, and it definately was tiring after a few bites. The fruit smell is very strong, even now. And the shrimp had no flavor (though I started with cocktail shrimp, which are pretty bland to begin with!)

Durian is NEAT, but a bit icky. Once you get past the spiky green exterior, the interior has little sacs of onion-vanilla pudding, each one wrapped around a seed. It's really neat, like Gaia said "I shall make a FRUIT OF WAR that can be eaten easily with a spoon." I mean, it really WANTS to be pudding. It almost didn't need the blender, but I did that for smoothness of texture. It smelled good when I was finished, which was kind of a triumph.

I don't like papaya. I may try durian in a year or so (and this time follow a recipe), but I probably won't mess with papaya ever again.

Whines--thank you for bringing dumplings and steamed bread things :)

Anyway, the experience of Durian was certainly worth the price of the vegetable itself, that was a lot of fun, very gooey and stringy.

Anyway, I ended up scraping a nearly full casarolle dish of the stuff into the sink and running it down the disposal. I guess that makes it more of a mitigated failure, but it was still a lot of fun :)
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