Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

JHVH-1: You may walk in the coolness of my garden, and eat any fruit
you find therein, save the fruit of the tree of knowledge. For if you
eat of it, you shall surely die.

ADAM: No problem, sir.

JHVH-1: Excuse me?

ADAM: Heard loud and clear, your prime mover-ness. Hadn't planned to.

JHVH-1: You won't eat the tree of knowledge? You shall not, it is

ADAM: Noted and seconded, Lord.

JHVH-1: Mmm. Forbidden.

ADAM: I gathered that, Lord.

JHVH-1: Nummy.

ADAM: I wouldn't know, king of the heavens.

JHVH-1: Well, then. Good...small creature built in my image. [ADAM preens.]
I will just be getting on with that constitutional monarchy thing.

ADAM: Can I help?

JHVH-1: No. [ADAM plays with sticks.]
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