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Sigh...the Texas amendment recognizing marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman, with a more extreme follow-up (HJR 19) that will legally invalidate civil unions (I'm not clear on the legalities, I'm still grokking for info on HJR 19) is in the works.

Stupid conservative Bible Belt state...

Well, if it looks like HJR 6 is going to pass to the public vote, I encourage any Discordian to thoroughly support the MOST DRACONIAN LEGISLATION POSSIBLE. Hail Eris.

No, I don't mean that, not really, but HJR 19 seems to be pretty draconian, in and of itself. Yay, no legal recognition of civil unions. Or any form of marriage that is not strictly one man and one woman.

"Through the prayers and needs of Travis County, Leslie Cochran was transformed into a powerful avatar of Liberalism, where s/he/it fights square-headedness with her Mighty Lucite Pumps of Left-Wing Righteousness..."


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