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Stupid plan, but we go with what we have.

So, I've been spacy, out of it, wasting hewge amounts of company time on private e-mail, running home to meet the repairman (of which I am reminded of Monday's conversation of the 7 Primal Porn Plots), and in short being the sort of employee that I would hate to be, even with the mitigating factor of close personal friend dying.

So, here's my plan. I'm proud of this.

I'm declaring today a vacation day.

Check it out! Instead of "Jacob's been spacing out all day, he should go home," it's "What a hard worker, he's doing stuff here on his vacation day." And so many bonus martyr points, too! This is a great plan :)

Laughter tends to come easily under these circumstances, a mixed blessing that I am most grateful for :)
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