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Update, and breaking the mood a bit--

It sounds like--though I'm still not certain--the family has settled on cremation, with a memorial of some sort on the 23rd. I can handle that.

Everybody says "What can I do? What can I DO?" during this sort of thing. Sometimes, you get an answer. It's not always a nice answer, but, let's look on the morbidly bright side. I've been asked to help decide what to do with the ashes.

Now, some people might be a little put off by this, but I knew John pretty well. And I think he'd see this as a challenge.

"Why are we launching him from a trebuchet at the walls of the UT Architecture department?"

"He would have wanted it. Trust me."

So many options! I'm sure I'll eventually settle on something nice and sane, but in the meantime, best suggestion gets a home-made cake and a big kiss from the Chukar inmate of their choice :) Suggestions must end in something along the general lines of "He would have wanted it that way."

Much love,
Spotty :)

As an addendum, John was the all-time bull moose winner of the "take a bad idea and run with it" award, so I'm sure that, somewhere beyond space and time but with LJ access, he'd be saying "COOL!!!" to some of these ;)
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