Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Thoughts, gifts to family, et cetera--

Well, I was correct in the family not wanting flowers and physical stuff. If people want to give John's family something in the way of defraying expenses and memorial funds, y'all can route it through me. One thing the sister asked for specifically was stories, though. If you wanted to write something and snail-mail it, that's cool, or e-mail it to me (I'd kind of prefer snail mail, personally, but that's because I'm badly organized.)

If you need my contact information, drop me an e-mail at
and I'll send you stuff. Mother's name is totally eluding me at the moment, I'm so embarrassed. Sister's name is Marilyn, father's name--you'd never guess, I can't figure out how I forgot what John IV's father's name is--is John III. Wow. Surprise of the century, that.

Got to add the phrase "barbeque, fantasy gaming and mad science" to the obituary. This pleases me somewhat.

Much love,
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