Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Space, the final frontier--

And a bit expensive. Launching the equivilent of a packet of sweet'n'low, or one gram of powdered John, into space is going to run $1000. But it seems like a good cause, and you get a neat video of the launch as a peculiar keepsake. Yay :) One of the later flights is from the same site that launched Sputnik--that's kind of cool, but not really necessary. Anyway, interesting trivia, I'll probably get back with the nice man in January, after I've discussed the expenses with John's family a bit. It's not exactly pressing, but it is very much a fitting tribute.

Thanks for everyone who's been so supportive of all this. I'm probably going to cut back a bit on the daily updates. Much love to you all!
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