Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

After that, we kringled Chris.

A frenetic christmas decorating party last night. I perhaps was a little off the deep end, almost going so far as to string up lights instead of garlic to ward off the Wrath of John, but I got stuck in a comic routine that I didn't feel like letting go of. I really loved October's idea of filling my little red chalice set with eggnog and putting a candy cane in each one. Adorable. Lots of photos (sorry), and I eventually unstrung the blinky lights and christmas ornaments from my hair. And the house is reasonably clean! Wow :)

I was hoping people would find some time to talk to John III, but mostly we sat around being festive and a tiny bit melencholy. I do think that Buffy's "Once More with Feeling" is the perfect sing-along when you've lost someone and don't want to let go of him, but know that the only way to honor him is by moving along full throttle. It really resonated with some of what's been going through my mind. And a room full of people trying to harmonize sounds like wolves howling.

Anyway, there's bright spots on the very near horizon. I'm not going to jinx it by talking too much, but I see hope, and not just hope's butt as she runs away from me, but a full frontal hope. Oh, yes. Work it, you beautiful anthropomorphic personification.

Ahem. Back to work.
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