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Whine, whine

Oog. I want today to be over. I've got a good two hours of housework, preperations for the barbeque, need to stop by the church, pick up da girls, the eulogy, the service, which perfectionist that I am will make me insanely twitchy, even if it's perfect (and I'm sure that since everyone is ultimately alone together with their thoughts, whatever window dressing we put up there will be perfect). I really want today to be over. I kept trying to take time off work to prep, but they kept calling me back, so that if I tried to get any work done, then have lunch with friends, then go to the office, then have Christmas plans at night, there was no time to actually accomplish things.

Butterfly and I wrapped presents, that was nice, and did some gift trades (including most of the roommate stuff, though there's a little "welcome home" pile for our next roommate), gave Whines and Maus and Sam their presents, and did the 39th street trail of lights. So, yay, christmas cheer. But it's not so much that I'm out of energy, it's that I can't see pausing to breath much today.

Tomorrow, the only thing I really have to do is return one of my sister's presents, and stop by Central Market, which (explitive deleted) I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do these things without Butterfly's car, but we'll find a way. Maybe she'll be willing to come to those two places with me, if I keep the list short, but after Thursday she's probably going to want to go to her home-home, where her parents are.

Monday I'm going to rest. I have told my office in friendly but unmistakable terms that I don't want to come in on that one day, at least. No holidays, no service, no family, just some time to finally chill.

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