Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Awkward People Dancing

The rhythm of the night com-
petes with the mus
                  ic in her
head to great effect, as
  her faltering steps conformed to some strange
  tertiary rhythm
     or she was being constricted
     by a boa in brief fits.

  alternately sways, arhythmically,
copies her moves,
perhaps flails, or executes a sort of ane
                                         mic twist,

out of place, exposed beneath
the powerful glare of
sense of self.
   together they dance alone together,
   each asking the same questions
   what does s/he see in me?
   &  am I doing this right?
   even though every dance
   is still beauty
      to the person who
   was brave enough
   to come to this
   smokey club to dance
   with his/her you.
Tags: poetry
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