Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Spam update:

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Why? Are they checking in my windows?

"Spotty, there's, like, 464,290 women outside. They want you to open up the venetian blinds a bit. Maybe squeeze one of them in for an affair."


"Looks like. They may just want to trade recipes, but, no, I'm thinking sex."

"Gosh. That's a lot of women."


"Well, housewives are women. I've heard, anyway. How can you tell?"

"One of them has a mop."

"Ooh. Bring that one in. We've got something scary and adhesive on the kitchen floor."


"I've been cooking again."

"No, she doesn't want to use the mop. She's, you know, a housewife. It's kind of a badge of office."

"Like a flannel shirt and suspenders?"

"Um...probably? Look, they're really making it hard to park. I mean, your car's out there already, you can't even drive it, and then, there's these four hundred thousand forty-somethings. They're all the way to the gas station."

"We're not going to have enough chairs!"

"This is accurate."

Tags: humor

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