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Spam Update:


Has your cum ever dribbled and you wish it had shot out?
Have you ever wanted to impress your girl with a huge cumshot?

SPUR-M is the only site to offer an all natural male enhancement
formula that is proven to increase your sperm volume by up to 500%.
Our highly potent, volume enhancing formula will give our results
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I really had no idea that was this important. Really. Not enough to have a team of highly trained stunt-monkeys come up with the name "SPUR-M." How many millions of man-hours went into the creation of that one? How long did they debate, how many heated committee debates raged on?

"Testiclon-B? We need to have a dignified name, as befits our founder, J. Walter Stockholm. When he founded this company in 1836, it was to increase the volume of ejaculation for the millions. He started this company out from a feed mill with a simple mission: 'For God and King William, Let us Flood the Land with Fine British Semen.'"

"We know that your grandfather's seat on the Board of Directors gives you an inalienable right to prattle on about these things for hours on end, wasting our shareholder's money on pointless debates and grandstanding, but for the love of God, Dunsten! Show some sense! 'Erectol' sounds like a damned colon cleanser! It's not a proper name for this great product!"

"How about--'Spur-m'?"

"Who said that?"

"I did, sir."

"Who let you into this meeting? It's a meeting of board members, not pushcart jockeys."

"I know, but I've taken a course or two in media theory, and I think I've got something, here."

"It is catchy, I'll admit. Spur-m."

"And think how 'SPUR-M' would look on a T-Shirt!"

"You're right! It practically sells itself! We should set this to music! 'Double your cum with SPUR-M!' Son, you may be looking at an administrative assistant's position in your future! And a dapper company jacket!"
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