Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Another odd dream. That's a weird and memorable one every day for the last five days. I'm in high school--again--but this time, it's Sunnydale High. I don't have the fine details anymore, but this is the season three finale of Buffy, the episode where Xander is supposed to die (he isn't, he doesn't, but that's what the dream says.) The basic plot involves some sort of King in Yellow type play being put on at a late-night school production, and Xander is supposed to, according to some prophecy that centers around the glasses Xander wears (he doesn't, of course, I can't help these details) fall from what would, in a football stadium, be the back of the highest bleachers. Indoor theaters don't tend to have bleacher-style seating, they might have been open upper windows onto a larger exterior hall with big blue awnings. It doesn't make sense. Someone else wearing those glasses falls to his death (again, context unclear) AFTER a number of alternate-universe-type flashes where Xander did die, and every named cast member lives. I think Giles and Willow were involved, but I can't place how.

For the record, I do not tend to have long dreams revolving around Xander Harris. Or Buffy in general.

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