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Orc Sex! (work-safe...)

I started writing this in church today--I went to the Baptist church that I'm thinking of working for, and apparently had some sort of allergic reaction to the opening hymn. I couldn't stop, and was trying not to giggle. Heh.

Hokhflotri Ob Sundurda
by Hraak Bloodmace

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Breaking Things: My Live and Victories by Hraak Bloodmace</p>

Editorial Reviews:
Cinnibar Moon Books
About the Author: Hraak Bloodmace is a survivor of the Suune War and has fathered thirty offspring by orc, human and elf. His controversial memoir, Breaking Things, was featured on the New York Times best sellers list and was nominated for Flame magazine's "Inhumanity to Man" Book of the Year, 2005.

Product Description: The steamiest book since the Advent! Bloodmace reveals the sexual wisdom of the Kurda-Hai, with 172 color illustrations and photographs, lush descriptions and suggestions, and a companion CD of romantic and thrilling anthems for bedroom and battlefield. Hokhflotri Ob Sundurda (Eight Leaves of Love [lust/conquest]) is an ideal bedside companion for even the most experienced orc couple, but for the young man on his Rite of Kurvanug, the inexperienced teen fresh from his or her chrysalis, or for the experimentalists who want more green in their diet, Bloodaxe gives us a wealth of tips, personal experience, and concise and relevant medical advice.

Product Details

Trade Paperback: 218 Pages
Publisher: Cinnibar Moon Books; First English Edition 2005.
ISBN: 8-4837-7932-6
Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 9 x .6 inches
Apportation/Shipping Weight: 10.2 Ounces (See Apportation Policies and Pricing)
Average Customer Ranking: (*)(*)(*)(*)( ) based on 39 reviews

Product Categories:

Books : Sexuality : Orcish
Books : Sexuality : Kurda-Hai
Books : Sexuality : Transpecies
Books : Society and Culture : Humanoid : Orcish
Books : Society and Culture : Humanoid : Kurda-Hai
Books : Society and Culture : Religion : Kurda-Hai

Customer Reviews

* * _ _ _ Deeply, Deeply Wrong 2/3/2005 Reviewer: Sillithlune346 (United States)
Did we need an Orcish Kama Sutra? Disturbing in the extreme. I'm not sure what I find more abhorrent--the graphic and occasionally blood-flecked descriptive text, the grotesque, occasionally blinding, illustrations, or the lurid and prurient theology. No, I know. Definitely the illustrations. I had no idea skin tones like that existed in nature. Exposed, blood-engorged orc flesh is not a sight to be seen on a full stomach, but almost better that than an hour of dry heaves. The most tragic thing about this book, besides the glorification of the sexual perversity of a "hero" of the Suune Massacre, is that this book will inevitably lead to the spawning of more orcs. It is to cry. More painful still for me. I'm going to be around another 300 years or so, the writer's Nth-removed great grandspawn will be rutting like depraved sabre-toothed green dogpigs, and I'll still be haunted by page 47, "The Destroying Beast Ravages Its Wounded Prey." I will never think about sex again without wanting to rinse out my eyes with draino. Hang on, I'm going to vomit.

Okay, I've returned to my keyboard. So, 210 distorted and unholy pages. I didn't know humanoids could do some of these things and live. I mean, really. "Cleaving the Skull with the Greatsword?" Where did she fit it? My brain hurts. She probably has some cranial hemorrhaging, too. For the love of Andraelle, kill him before he writes, or worse, breeds, again.

6 readers found this review helpful.

***** BOOYAH!!! 1/22/05 Reviewer: YappyWarg (AlimaneUK)

W00T! RED-HOT ORC LOVIN'!!! Wait, make that green :) The bak of the book syas that Bloodmace has, like, 436 kids. WTF? How'd anyone ever live through it to actully drop a litter? Woah. I mean, That's some serious vegetarian salamey there. And check out the scars. Dude, I wanna know the storey behind that one! Bloodemace is in at least half the pictures. Theres a dedicated author!!! Four Paws Off--wait, up--on this one. An if theres going to be a sequl *raises paw* me, me! I grow back :) Didn't like the, like, three chapters on that whole sex-blood-religion thing, though the picture of <I>Honoring the One-Eyed God</I> gave me some warm fuzzies for the night. I gotta say, I like the whole Saxon Violence thing but I had *neveR* thogth of using THAT as a bludgoning weapon. Ahrooo!

2 readers found this review helpful.

***_ _ scarey 1/09/05 Reviewer: sir_bane3686 (United States)

i saw this book when my frend brought it over. reely scarey. that has to hurt.

0 readers found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? [ ]

_ _ _ _ _ The World Ends Again 1/2/05 Reviewer: light_of_pallath (United States)

Is there any particular reason why we need to honor this sort of antisocial and frankly bestial behavior? Let alone permit it to be glorified, and then sold in our bookstores, even in our libraries? Yes, we should respect cultural differences. Yes, the new races deserve their place in society, and we should recognize their valuable contributions to our world. Yes, I'm against my children growing up in a world where savagery, barbarism and lust are treated as cultural values. We have truly sunk to a new low.

3 readers found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? [ ]


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