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I'm enjoying this "book review" concept...

These are a lot of fun to write :) I'm seriously considering making this game a full-scale project, with like cross-refs and character development. Much fun, much fun...

Tariel's Compact Grimoire Series 32: A Beginner's Guide to High-Energy Wind-Vortex Sorcery

by Tariel Ravenflame (and contributors)

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The Butterfly Abjuration: Magic and Meteorology in an Evolving Stratosphere by Roger Fann
SocketTome!: Radio Frequency Transmission and Thaumaturgical Variance by Jodilyn Heller
Evolutionary Equations and New Chaos Theory in Element-Centered Incantations by Brijraj Nandwani, Ph.D., D.Thaum</p>

Editorial Reviews:

About the Author: Ravenflame's name is synonymous with "Magic for the Many." Since her first book, Magick Demystified, through her best-selling Compact Grimoire series, Ravenflame and Lumen & Light have revolutionized modern magic, taking it out of the tower and to the street and the home.

Product Description: The thirty-second book in Ravenflame's groundbreaking "Compact Grimoire" series, bringing advanced magic to the intermediate practitioner. Once again, Ravenflame explains complex concepts in layman's language--this time, she turns her sights to the skies, and the Craft of Weather Control--with big results! Tariel is your personal mentor for this demanding craft, holding your hand through the tricky declensions and explaining what the thaumaturgical journals can't and your kid's grimoire won't. A must-have for anyone who wants real control over the elements!

Product Details</p>
Trade Paperback: 240 Pages
Publisher: Lumen & Light Press; First United States Edition 2005.
ISBN: 73938-7620X
Product Dimensions: 9 x 7.25x .75 inches
Apportation/Shipping Weight: 8.2 Ounces (See Apportation Policies and Pricing)
Average Customer Ranking: (*)(*)(*)( )( ) based on 8 reviews

Product Categories:

Books : Thaumaturgy : How-To
Books : Thaumaturgy : Beginner's Guides
Books : Thaumaturgy : Weather/Weathercraft
Books : Science : Meteorology

Customer Reviews

_ _ _ _ _ FBTI ALERT!!!!! 2/6/2005 Reviewer: aggro_on_kaster (United States)
The Fibti are investigating people who purhcased this book!!! Pay cash, DONT order by credit card or through this site. "Ravenflame" has been ramping the norms on her spells since *Divination*. I'm not saying don't buy it, she knows her stuff, but THINK PEOPLE!!! This is dangerous stuff and the more people who get fried, the faster the REQUIRED LICENCING kicks in, and if you want to have the government write you out a permit for YOUR ADRENAL SYSTEM, by all means, play with ligihtning! Yes, the books are great! Yes, they work like a charm, hah hah. THAT'sthe point! ONE incident and this book is an open inviation to an incident and ALL OF US are on the books, ALL OF US will be checked, filed and stamped by Uncle Sam!! JUST BE CAREFUL!!!!! Peaceout AK!

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***** Great REsults! 2/4/05 Reviewer: Magnus_Pater22 (United States)
SWEET book! "Lumen and Light" Worked for me! Gods, these spells are draining, though. Eat First Then Cast!

3 readers found this review helpful.Was this review helpful to you? [ ]

** _ _ _ Eh, Pass...2/02/05 Reviewer: GrimWarden(United States)
Another quick gloss-over, from the publishing princess of quick and cheap. Once again, Tariel photocopied the text out of "A Child's Garden of Incantations" and the illustrations from "Cooper's Standard Mnemetics", and added some big yellow warning labels for the idiots. I'll give her points for an excellent table of contents and index. That's a superlative piece of correlation, and the cover's made of sturdy cardstock. An extra star for the waterproof slipcase. It'll be useful when you lose control of that cumulostratus because you were reading one of her endless "Did you know?" sidebars, and I can use it to keep my hair dry the next time one of her charming little students leaks on me. Power, sweetling, is a terribly ephemeral end. Control is a life's work, and you can't relegate the true and subtle art of precise, focused will to a pocket paperback of "Discipline for the Hopeless Case." No matter how many clever thumbnail pictures of the Bhudda you add in the margins and mark the important pieces with a pentacle and an exclamation point. Still, she'll undoubtedly get the money from this to churn out another book, like a black cat coming to term and giving birth to drivel, then once again presenting herself to the yowling tom of financial need.

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* * * _ _ Please, Goddess, No 1/28/05 Reviewer: Yidaki (AlimaneOZ)
Do we really need DIY-Magi with the capacity to create localized hurricanes? Really...that's the last Lumens & Light I pick up. Unless they finally release that book on animal guide spirit-work. They've got the goods, I won't say a word against them, but talent doesn't give license. No amount of "Careful!" and bulleted text lists are going to help the poor kid who casts the wrong incant while he's grounded, eh? Talia's got some sort of knack for talking everyday talk and saying it clear when you'd need two whole trees to say what she can in a little book, right, but she's all how to say it without thinking much about why. Too much technique, no soul behind it. That's the kind of grounding you're going to need for this big flash magic, and it won't get you killed when sparks start arcing.

7 readers found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? [ ]

* * * _ _ Too compliccated 1/28/05 Reviewer: Mordenkainen12104 (United States)
wasn't this supposed to be a beginner's guide? You've gotta know all the wuss spells that can't blow open a door even.

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