Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Weight loss, water, etc--

Okay, I have a question for the more edumacated on the whole "dieting/weight loss" thing. I'm not what most people would consider overweight--I'm somewhere between 5 and 10 pounds heavier than I'd like to be (I'm guessing 170 would probably be my target weight, I started at 184 after the holidays, which is the heaviest I've ever been).

I'm enjoying the South Beach Diet, the variety of food is great, I'm starting to learn to appreciate fish, and Butterfly's been enjoying the fringe benefits of the stronger emphasis on vegetables and low-fat dairy. I *miss* my carbos, but I'm not actually craving them. And the first week was really effective--I went from 184 to 175 in six days. Yay! Can't complain about that!

The frustrating thing is, after that, the next few days of weight-checking were 177, 175, 177, 176. Some of that may be the vaguary of a crappy scale, but it's been pretty consistant within an experimental error range.

So I'm askin', with the low-carb-type diets, is the first week or so just an excercise in burning fictional weight, water, and just a little bit of fat, and then do you get into the "diminishing returns" of actually attacking body mass? Leo, can you help me on this one?
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