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Again with the book reviews!

More fictitious book reviews :) Fun, fun...

Eternal Nightlife
by Evangeline Black

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Editorial Reviews:
Cinnabar Moon
About the Author: The quintessential nightbird, Evangeline Black came to the public eye as the seductive evening star of Basic Black, bringing the children of the night to prime time and bringing vampires out of the crypt. From actress to expert, Black went on to campaign for equal treatment for Nosferatu, theriomorphs, and other misunderstood and maligned new races. A portion of the proceeds of her books and television recordings go toward her charitable organization, INRI (International Neomorph Rights Initiative). Heavily and personally researched, Black's writing has helped countless readers not only live again--but live to the fullest.

Product Description: If you're looking for the grace and dignity of a mortuary, put down the book and walk slowly back to the tuxedo rental. In Eternal Nightlife you'll find a city-by-city listing of the hottest clubs, classiest restaurants, and where the best scenes to be seen are--and what spots to avoid. A must-have in every vampire's library--the sybil of the night set, Evangeline's picks for "best new club" and "up-and-coming" blossom and burn years after they appear in her pages. This ambitious, nation-wide guidebook is invaluable, ranking each major city's ten best night spots and ten scenes to look out for. Black rates by managerial openness, local hospitality, quality and price (Fratezella's in Chicago gets one cross in openness and three in hospitality--it's listed itself in the Chicago nightpages, but it's best to be subtle around the conservative local night crowd. And you can't beat their veal scaloppini ala marsala--four stars!) Let Evangeline be your guide--if it's time to put on the cape, order le vin rouge avec le sang, and dance until dawn at Subterranean, or if Erzuli is a good place to lay low and consider drinking, you'll know with a quick walk through Eternal Nightlife!

Product Details

Trade Paperback: 312 Pages
Publisher: Cinnibar Moon Books; First English Edition 2004.
ISBN: 8-4837-2931-2
Product Dimensions: 11 x 8 x .5 inches
Apportation/Shipping Weight: 20 Ounces (See Apportation Policies and Pricing)
Average Customer Ranking: (*)(*)(*)(1/2)( ) based on 39 reviews

Product Categories:

Books : Society and Culture : Nosferatu
Books : Society and Culture : Clubs and Entertainment
Books : Travel : United States
Books : Travel : Nosferatu

Customer Reviews

* * * _ _ A mixed blessing at best 9/20/2004 Reviewer: Memnoch(United States)

Black always has her heart in the right place, and the girl *does* do her research. But how can such a book not be obsolete after a month on the shelf? There are scenes, and there are simply weary little bars with a few sweet little girls in black velvet. Ms. Black has captured the public imagination and brought light to the Nosferatu, so to speak, and I can not but thank her for this, it is a blessing to be seen as other than a beast. If you prick me, do I not...well, perhaps not the best literary reference. She has done wonders for us, and ten times over, thank you. But this being said, the good you do with one hand may yet be rubbed out by the other. There are among us predatory and dangerous elements, as there are among you, and it is not just we dark torches that you reach out to, but so many of the moths drawn to our flame. Think, friend, patroness--how many children will you lure to the feeding grounds with this book? One young life lost, one misunderstanding, one fatal kiss, can undo so much of your work. And so, many of us, surely the sharper nails in the coffin, will move on to new pastures, and the tavern you lauded as a sanctuary for we dark, unliving souls becomes yet another simple trattori. La nuit devient le jour.

4 readers found this review helpful.

** _ _ _ UNDEAD, UNDEAD, UNDEAD 7/21/04 Reviewer: YappyWarg(AlimaneUK)

What IS IT with this girl? "I'm not a frikkin vampire but I play one on TV!" Give me a tiny, £2.8p break here. Just because Her Unholy Queen of the Nightness played a vamp on a cr@ptastic TV show in the 90's she makes like she's the uberdarque sultry gift to bampires and all of us fuzz's should just hump her leg RIGHT NOW and beat the rush! I'm ssssoooo SIICKK and TIRED of this I could just jam a claw through my shift key which in fact i did. i'll sue. there'z a fine line between predator and prey--oh, WAIT, NO THERE ISN'T!!!! Girlfriend, you're NOT a vamp!!! Anyway, get off this holey crusade for the people you arent! We already KNOW the good places to hang out because we PEED ON THEM!!! Yeah, me and every other therio picked up <i>Black Emeralds</I> when it came out. And so did every d@mn wanna-were, and oh yes, my favorite pub was there, but so was two hundred THOUSAND little dogborgs wanting me to bite them or put a leash on them or what-the-kcuf-ever and NONE OF THEM had ever seen a BATH! That's why I don't like DOGS! Okay, /rant number one., <rant number-2>, WHAT'S with the dead people, lady? You've got dragons, elves, us therios but you've already done us enough favores--do we NEED another sixty books on Mood Music and Chabernet for the Clinically Deceased? </r2> and I'm almost afraid to ask becayse you MIGHT DO IT, but is there MAYBE enough sunshine in your Woe-Is-Me world to make a few rainbows here? Not all of us are into your basic buxum-yet-tragic-fainting-female type. Maybe you could so something to help me find Mr. Tall Dark Stranger With A Thing For Canines, Leather, And Same-Sex Licking? I dont ask for much. Good thing, I dont get much. Barkgrowl, no help, useless gawth. Ahrooo!

3 readers found this review helpful.

**** _ About time! 6/25/04 Reviewer: NightshadE (United States)

Finally :) I LOVED *San Francisco Until Dawn*, but not everyone lives on the West Coast. Thank you SO much for writing for the rest of us! The entries in this Atlas of the Night are brief, they'd have to be, but there's so much useful information! Like signs to look out for. I only knew about the rose-cross ring and the grey silk kerchief, and those were, well, everybody knows about them, and if everybody knows, there's no point, really! Thank you, Evangeline, for bringing the night to my home--ten places to meet up with a darkling, and two practically in my neighborhood. You are a shining black pearl, my love!

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**** _ Not just for date night 6/14/04 Reviewer: bat_mom (United States)

We've been waiting YEARS for just this book. Well, not exactly this book, but this is close. Black targets her books to the singles market--"The Young and the Breathless," we used to call her show, but that was a few years ago, and things have changed. As the mother of a child afflicted with vampirism, Evangeline Black has been a godsend--most places won't cater to my child's diet, and even if most public restaurants can't ask us to leave since Greyson v. Kerbey's it's still difficult to find establishments with options for neomorphic dietary needs. A pub that Black marks as being friendly to Nosferatu is *guaranteed* to provide for her needs.

We've gone to every restaurant with "one cross" in "Seattle After Sunset," and it's been such a relief not to have to worry about whether my daughter will be able to enjoy her meal without getting dirty looks or terrible service. Other readers may be looking at "Eternal Nightlife" as a way to meet new friends or perhaps find a partner, but we're looking at it as our safe and comfortable travel guide. Four stars, but I'll change that to five if you make a family supplement, Evangeline!

7 readers found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? [ ]


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