Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Spam Update:

Hello hierarchic,

If you've tried the rest, then definately come try the original and the b. est.
Get from four 2 ten in. ches the natural way.

You've got nothing to lose enemy

Yvonne Seals
oxide prom
The Syntax Engines the spam uses these days are getting more and more whimsical. The salutation, "Hello hierarchic" caught my eye--it's one of those things I've never been called before. In fact, how can I be targeted by "hierarchic?" Can any one person be hierarchic?

The "You've got nothing to lose enemy" kind of creeped me out, though. I'm worried about this communicado. Would Oxide Prom or whatever this secret concoction is actually make me lose inches? Or worse, in. ches? Should I buy a penis enlarger from someone who's already confessed their dislike, indeed, naked antipathy, for me?

I see a vicious cycle developing. If I purchase this, I'd probably have to buy from Yolanda S Greenberg, who promises me both longer ejaculations and painfully large erect.ions, just to undo Yvonne's damage. I live in fear of these things, of course.

but but but...
who wouldn't be tempted by a website like "venturesome.gibbons"?

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