Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Better that than being obstructive, I guess...

I've been juggling MS Excel for two years now. I recently taught myself the joys of "V-Lookup," a wonderful function that has made it possible for me to make a spreadsheet that instantly calls up product inventory levels, relative reading difficulty levels, price and sales history by entering in a 10-digit product number. I'm SO thrilled. This is endless hours of work reduced to about six cut-and-pastes. Woot. I just bought the Excel 2003 Bible. I took it to bed a few nights ago. The pages with pivot-tables stick together now.

Well, no, that's just wrong. That didn't happen.

Anyway, I'm *good* with excel. Not *great*, but pretty good. Definately "my next class will be advanced usage" good.

I'm building a spreadsheet to automagically reference three other spreadsheets, and my boss looks over my shoulder, and says "you're building a spreadsheet?"

"yep," I say. "Real labor-saving."

He points at the screen, where because of the default column widths, a book's information is listed as

ISBN              TITLE       PRICE
1078345965        Susie and th$5.50

and says, "You know, you can make that column wider, so it shows the entire title!"

Yay for personal discoveries...

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