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Good day yesterday--

except for some minor issues like finding out nobody told my temp agency about my raise last month, yesterday was quite nice. FINALLY had an idea for a series of furry stories, which I'll no doubt post links to. "Suburban primitive" would be the best description, happy happy. Ended up with something near 10 workable story ideas and a handful of poems.

The local comic store has an insanely cute product--Neil Gaimen's Death, The Manga. Behold the cuteness. At the top of your lungs, all shriek "KAWAII!!!" Yes.

A few years ago, on a related stream-of-consciousness, I was wandering by Starbuck's Cafe, one of the local cool coffee shops, and I saw a girl with black-dyed hair, pale skin, and an Eye of Horus. We made eye contact, both smiled--she probably gets that alot--then I moved on.

I should have said something, but that would have been flirting with death.

True story.

The new School House Rocks two-DVD set has a NEW SONG! It's all about the Electoral College, and, you know, it's not half bad. Would be just fine 25 years ago with the original run, though the animation's a touch better.

I suppose a group of 20-somethings singing the "Interjection" song with SR! "kareoke" mode are inevitably going to change the lyrics a bit.

Amusing one-off visual gag for the day--don't look at the URL for this link, just click and go. It's perfectly clean, it's a web advertisement for an executive travel company--with a strangely chosen name. Again, don't look, just click.

I almost got whiplash when I saw their catalog.


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Jul. 17th, 2003 12:34 pm (UTC)
*falls off her chair laughing at that link*
I'm tempted to write to or phone that company and ask them if they know what those letters stand for to the majority of the worlds population who frequent a chat room or online game.

You have to admit, Its kind of a smart name, I'm sure they get a ton of traffic.
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