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Furry Campout--

With pictures. Gods, I'm tired.

But it's a good tired :) That was a great weekend, and I'm just about to go to bed after it. Yeesh, I'm so ragged.

Saturday morning, 4:30 AM--up at the ragged, tattered fringe of dawn to get ready to go. Whines and I went shopping the night before, stocked up on bread, the rest of John's stash of "Capri Suns" (Dead man's beverage!), and a bunch of camping stuff, including a semi-permeable tent, and headed to Sdo's lair to meet up for the long drive to the furry campout, Livingston State Park, some hour's drive north of Houston. A beautiful drive, too, we stayed awake most of it. Saw a sign for

Joe's Camping

which I never got a picture of. But I'll probably mock one up for an LJ icon.

Great opportunity to meet a lot of people, hang around with a bunch of neat furs whose name I can never remember. I'd really like to meet Cheshirecat, the host, under other circumstances. He and I both seem to be order freaks at heart, and a controlling person really isn't at their best when, well, herding cats. Regardless, he had a great hat, which makes up for any minor "two organizers in the same room" issues I might have had. I mean, that hat. Wow.

Heavy rains, heavy, feel-it-in-your-chest thunder. Being out in the woods, even if in a tent, in a pouring rain with thunder and lightning all around, with someone you love as the only real heat source, is, I've decided, a serious turn-on. Having ice-cold water pooling at your feet and seeping into your blankie is rather more the other thing. Yay, three hours of sleep.

Up again at dawn, this time with Sdocat's wonderful Coleman Stove. It generates heat AND makes campside Ramen and coffee. Oh, sweet necter, after having near-hypothermia all night. Cooked for about an hour, made breakfast tacos from the stuff Sdocat and Shockwave brought with them. Turned out a treat. Bland, but warm :) The bacon was good, though.

Nice, nice weekend. Lots of cool people, tons of pine pollen, lots of trucks caught in the mud. I'm so frikkin' tired :)

Here's the piccies from the weekend! If you're in here and I've forgotten you, please PLEASE let me know who you are, just reference what photo it is. I'm terrible with names.

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