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My lightly psychotic former boss--the obsessive, micromanaging one--was making sticky labels for 1650 books, each with that book's reading level on them, ten copies of each label, to use on a variety of product. She was apparently doing this by hand.

I took the spreadsheet, shoved it into MS Access, and got the labels printed out in about 15 minutes. Granted, it's a 550-page document, but...much with the efficiency.

She's sending a letter to the president of the company, she's so happy with this--it's a part of a major promo that we're putting together.


Better yet, the annual company award is going to be given out this Wednesday :) There's a cash bonus associated with it...

**From the letter:**
Jacob took it upon himself to see if he could put the labels for the extreme bookroom in a different program so that the 2000 titles could be alphabetized and sorted by levels themselves. He has accomplished this task in about two hours and has saved me and others working on this initiative about 12 hours. This effort is welcomed and much appreciated. Jacob is a true asset to [company]. I hope that his talents and his ambition to move up in this company come to fruition for him.

*perky hyena*

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