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Gamergeek says:

I love this book.

1) It's a game system and written entirely by Phil Brucato, the former Mage: The Ascension line developer. I nearly had a sudden pleasurable biological reaction right there.

2) It's modern faeries. Not like Changeling: The Dreaming, but post-millenial fae that are hacking off their elders.

3) It treats the modern world like a wonderful thing, instead of something to be escaped from and avoided. Though both are in there.

2) It's PHIL BRUCATO! Eee!

3) It's heavily color-illustrated. And filled with little jokes. The informative sidebars are titled not For Your Information, but "FYE".

I'm not sure it's really playable, but at least as an adjunct to Mage or Changeling--this book seems to be everything those two games WANTED to be, but because they were needlessly shackled to the World of Darkness conventions, they didn't really succeed in.
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