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Little-known facts:

The flush toilet, widely viewed as the most important invention of the 20th century, was in fact invented in 1789 by the little-known master porcelain craftsman, Patricio Bernatelli. As the first flush toilet was not connected to any sort of plumbing or aquaduct, it was viewed as little more than a clever, if embarrassing, novelty for the next 150 years.

Sweet potatoes were a sacred animal of Diana, goddess of the hunt, until Aristotle declared that they were in fact herbivores.

The "Eggies" were an elite group of police officers who briefly flourished under the rule of Queen Victoria, from roughly 1870-1874. As women were not traditionally allowed in uniform, but sometimes a feminine presence was found necessary in certain clandestine operations, this regiment of professional, government-sponsored cross-dressers was established. However, none of them would shave their proud mustaches, and commonlaw ruling prohibited the government from forcing them to the barber's. Thus, through a turn of rhyming slang, they became the "Eggies," and were only rarely successful in their secretive missions.

The fox hunt was, in its infancy, held in Celebration of St. Basingthwait's Day (May 13). St. Basingthwait was the Bishop of Leedes from 1270-1275, and is said to be the patron of that town. He died in 1277, martyred by starfish.

The Mountain Laurel is not native to Texas. It was imported from Europe by Richard Kingsley in 1848, for sport hunting.

According to Lakota Sioux legend, the souls of shrewish women became dwarf yucca. Stepping on them was considered bad luck.

All 27 known varieties of granite are inedible.

The formula for "Altoids: The Curiously Strong Mint" was purchased from Alton Lloyds, a bankrupt chemist who needed several thousand pounds to cover legal debts from a class action suit. The formula did require minor modifications (primarily the addition of sugar), as it was originally marketed as a suppository.
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