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Two thank yous--

For Christmas, Sdocat and KT_Kat got me one of those "fountains" that spits out an endless river of fog and slowly changes color. I didn't want it *too* near anything on my desk, because I'm a little worried about the effect of hours of humidity on, say, electronics--so I needed a pedestal.

For my birthday, Kaanah--catering to my massive coffee fixation--got me a one-gallon teacup. It's very cute.

Weirdly, when I upended the mug, the interior ring of the base of the mug was precisely the same size as the exterior of the base of the fountain. Thanks again for these two neat prezzies, they fit perfectly together :)

I've set them both up in front of my seven-panel color-changing Wall of LED panels. It's a weird effect. I'm very pleased. Now, I need to move the router and cable modem adapter...
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