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If you've never read Serendipity Books you're clearly either not from the same generation I am, or were hiding when the twee was passed out. I loved these little things as a child.

No, I'm not going anywhere bad with this. I still love them, and they're reprinting them. Yay!

I spent most of today at the International Reading Association conference, walking the floor, seeing what all the latest and greatest in the world of educational publishing was. Much fun! Many catalogs stolen. Played Booth Boy (it's like Booth Babe, but these are english teachers, so they're either female or gay). Had a good old time, found some prezzies for people.

Anyway, I'm tooling around, and I hear someone say "Serendipity." I notice that there's a certain similarity of style in this new series--it's about talking bugs--and so I ask. I didn't recognize the name, but I'd JUST MISSED Stephen Cosgrove, the author of Serendipity.

The counternit said I could find his books "somewhere in the show over there". The show is VAST, at least a few hundred booths in no particular arrangement. I went "over there," found nothing. Eventually, I found the booth again, and sought clarity. Putnam Press sold Serendipity. Okay...*scuttle scuttle* "Yes, Stephen Cosgrove was just here, but we sold out of his books!" *scuttle, scuttle* "Did you find putnam? Oh? Gosh, you just missed Stephen."

Argh! So close :) It's good to know he's still working, though, and his website is really cute in places.
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