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Bitchin kewl dream--

I don't tend to remember my dreams. I also don't tend to have Impulse-Comics post-apocalypse robotic carnage dreams, either :) Now, normally my adolescent wish-fulfillment dreams tend to have more sex, but this one was all about the violence. It sounds video-gamey when I look at it, but so far as my dreams go, it was remarkably coherant and well-developed. I usually get little vignettes and wispy scenes, not full-length sequences with plot and back-history.

Scene: Post-apocalypse. Middle-eastern feel--desert sunlight, long halls with arched ceilings, about as navigable and as ornate as the Texas State Capital. Fill with a busy mix of people with exotic light desert costume, it's a bazaar.

The partial apocalypse was caused because humanity relied too much on robots, who were too close to sentient for anyone's good. When things went a bit Skylab, the robots went on a rampage, which humanity *eventually* stopped, but it was a victory that really regressed them several centuries.

Enter main character (Dream alternates first person and third person). He's the one in spandex, with ornamentation that looks like attachment points for grenades and stuff, with some grenades. Has a "Kabal" style tattoo over one eye (circle-starburst with lines drawn down into cheek.) At some point during a flashback, he's been given a beam weapon that causes machines to explode nicely, and does tend to kill humans, but not as dramatically. Main

The local government has two prominant groups of officers, both of whom have full privilege to get away with really whatever. One group, specifically created to kill renegade robots, is all cyborgy. The other group, inspectors, more inquistion-type, wears flowing white, like the main character at the end of the kung-fu movie once he's been enlightened. These look for dissident behavior, and report it randomly based mostly on how big a bribe they can get.

Over the course of the dream, a lot of robots get zap-gunned, it plays out a bit like a video game. One of the cyborgy officers attempts to get the zap gun, and his life is abruptly shortened. One of the inspectors tries to *imply* that he's going to be taking a similer action, but nothing seems to come of it, though it's an "I'll get you...later" thing.

This is all preamble--set up the "cold killer with a mission," a local group of ambassador-types (or church people? Or tourists? The dream was unclear) has invested heavily in some android-type, people-form and looking robots. Most of the machines encountered had been hulking metal creatures that just looked like robots. Of course, they're going to go insane, it happens often enough to make the main character very cynical, no matter what new safeguards have been put into place, but these look from a distance a lot more human.

Which is where I woke up, an hour early, but it was a lot of fun as dreams go :)

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