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Wow...more pretentious than God...

I picked up a copy of Memetic Magic from Amazon. As far as I can tell, not having read it yet, the book attemts to explain, couched in mystical terms, that mankind--specifically the construct of mankind called "civilization"--represents itself through symbols, and as Occultism of almost any form boils down to manipulating symbols...well, there you go.

The back cover says the following:
This phenomenal work possesses the very real possibility of being hailed as one of the most profound underground books on the magical arts ever written.

Never before has the occult nature of society, the Root Social Matrix, been discussed. In addition, the paradigm-shattering claim is made that this book contains the foundational framework underlying a thorough comprehension of the means by which the very fabric of reality can be manipulated through simple artistic techniques based on memetic symbology.

The ancient wisdom of the pagan sorcerers is combined with modern scientific social theory by a cultural anthropologist, resulting in a new age of magic where reality itself becomes mutable.

But I am most truly amazed by the bold claim of the list of titles published by the publishing company, whose website represents an unformed symbol matrix in its purest form:

"Jaguar Temple Press puts out the most important books in the world."

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