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Dammit, I'm near tears. This is so stupid.

That fucking anti-gay marriage is going to a senate public hearing tomorrow. Thosde bastards posted the announcement Saturday Night. They're not even obeying their own rules. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Why is it so damned important to get their big throbbing hate woodies out and wave them around? My car's broken--well, butterfly's car's broken. I'm feeling powerless now. I wasn't told about this fast enough t oget anytime off work :( And I can't even drive down there to be LATE to work. And I'm just tired and heat-sick from being out at scarby all day. Ooog, now I'm pissed. I HATE TEXAS. HATE. This stupid redneck backwater conservative shithole of a state. But I'll never leave Austin, at least until the day they win and it's not Austin anymore.

Okay, I'm finished screaming. Now I'm going to write a nice friendly concerned letter and fax it to the entire damned senate. And I will not use the word "fuck." Or say "I hate Texas."

Stupid arrogant southern baptist right-wing...mutter...mutter...
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