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HJR6 senate hearing stuff--

In the interest of my friends who don't live in Austin, I'll put this behind an

The public hearing on HJR 6 is scheduled for Thursday, at 5:00, at the capitol, in room E2.8, the Senate chambers. If you can dash in and fill out a witness form, that'd be ultra-spiffy.

*nudge* This might be particularly important if you happen to be gay and interested in marriage :)

It sounds...really hopeful. Granted, I thought that about the house of representatives hearing. But it sounds like we need 11 senators to support us, and we've got 10.

A REALLY quick, easy thing to do--whether or not you can swing by the capitol after work on Thursday--is to go to this quickie "fax the senate" website,
and at the very least say "I support equal marriage rights and don't want discrimination in the state constitution."

I'm not even sure it matters if you're a Texas citizen. They're just counting heads with that--though Barrientos wrote me a very nice form letter back.

Yay, hope,

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