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Lube makes the world go round...

Having another "obsessive activism" moment. I kind of thought this sort of thing would end when I got to toggle off my "single" status, but obsession runs deeper than that.

Anyway, spent several hours yestereen doing the phonebank routine for the gay rights lobby.

One thing I couldn't help but notice--they're gearing up for a pride parade and two massive parties in the next month, and have been soliciting corporate sponsorship.

The far wall was COMPLETELY covered, about five feet deep, in boxes shipped in from a personal lubricant company.

OMG. What a lot of lube.

Some was labelled "Apricot flavor."

I can't help but imagine the response letter that led to that pile.

"Thank you for your interest in Fric-Free Personal Lubricants. We regret that we cannot offer your organization financial support. However, here's 38 crates of lube."

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