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"Nothing ruins a great day at the beach as fast as..."

How would *you* fill in that sentence?

I have very poor vision. So I listen to lasik eye surgery commercials pretty intently.

This one indicated a very limited scope. A tiny little worldview fraught with immeasurable molehills.

"Nothing ruins a great day at the beach as fast as going into a hot room and your glasses fogging up."

*raises hand at the back of the class*


"Ooh! An unfounded presupposition, maam?"

"Very good."

"Nothing ruins a great day at the beach as fast as...
1) killer bees.
2) luridly fat American tourists making sweaty love, mingling their combined juices with the sea foam.
3) oil slicks.
4) burning oil slicks.
5) a jelly fish to the groin.
6) one bad hot dog.
7) an atomic bomb test.
8) finding out why they call them "nurse sharks."
9) discovering you've found the nude beach, on "gay day" (which, for some people, might be quite charming, one statement in ten and all)
10) having your seaside assignation interrupted at a critical juncture by an inquisitive 3-year-old. could go on, but one is noticing it's almost midnight...
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