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That's my roommate and my boyfriend over there, stuffing condoms...

This is a "by way of extension of the lube post" from a few days back.

Tuesdays, I go down to the office at LGRL where a task team of highly-skilled transvestites, transgenders, gays and lesbians fights the dreaded Right Wing Nazis from Heck, waging their constant and semithankless war. Well, not that thankless.

Anyway, twistdbutterfly and baktre helped out tonight. Baktre/Whines came to the office last week to help, and was much appreciated, and Butterfly came by tonight. Both were heavily thanked. I spent most of the evening on the telephone calling people up for Austin Pride Day, and the two of them spent the evening making little party favor bags of two or three "Equal Rights" flyers, a condom, and several flavors of lube.

I think they had a fun time, though it's hard to tell.

Best lines:
"We're still stuffing condoms!"
"What do I do with the lube?"
"We're running out of condoms."
"You spilled lube all over the floor."
"Did you know you'd be doing this someday when you were 10?" "I dreamed of it."

Okay, there's a finite number of lube-and-condom jokes you can make, but it's like a dead baby joke. They never actually get any less funny :)

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Making me laugh since 5:30 this afternoon :)
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