Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

The memory of Durian

There are some stories where strange things happen to the protagonist once he's exposed to an initiating moment--the hero speaks to a fairy, and forever after, they can see fairies. Once the medium speaks to a ghost, she's tormented by them.

Durian seems to be the same way. I'd never heard of durian until maybe last summer, and I decided to cook with the stuff. Now, I do, occasionally, get it into my head to *try* durian again--despite the fact that it's foul, tastes like onion vanilla and smells like poo, I've got it in my head that there might be some way to prepare it that is actually tastey. But that's just basic perversion on my part.

But now that the durian gate has been opened, how do we close it? Whines brought over some little asian coconut puff cookies--he was very happy with himself, and coconut's easily one of my favorite flavor--but then, we saw in the ingredients, coconut was added as a stick-on label, and it was actually a jar of DURIAN PUFFS.

That's not fair!

The odds of encountering durian decrease dramatically when one avoids asian grocery stores, but that's a terrible flavor to just spring on someone unawares.

Like always, it took about an hour to get the taste out of my mouth, and everything vaguely fruit-scented created a small gag reflex.

Whines says there's a place nearby that sells durian bubble tea!
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