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This is fascinating.

This is a very nicely-expressed essay on why geeks/gamers/furries/unclassified freaks seem to feed on drama and draw it to themselves. It's also short and concise and has bullet points.

Geek Social Fallacies

It's interesting...very interesting, and a little painful. I'd picked up on the first two fallacies ("Ostracizers are Evil", "Friends Accept Me the Way I Am"), that's the two Big Obvious ones and they deserve their place as the top factors of this list. But I'm more a 3-5 person.

Most of them seem to be ways of getting over high school, trying to pick up some positive life-lessons from that hell-experience.

Lord, I'd *love* to get over high school. Maybe by the time my second reunion rolls around.

It's that these are actually, in their lowest level, benign, good, commendable things, that's the biggest problem with them. This is why I've had such a hard time articulating things like "Why I want to strangle the furry fandom" - Broadly, it's *good* to be able to express yourself, and give shelter to the slightly troubled. But where do you draw the line when someone is blatantly socially self-destructive? Can you love someone for who they are when what you're doing is rewarding social suicide, and creating a spiral of weirdness feedback? Why don't more people step back and criticize, and why do I have such a hard time doing it?

Anyway...really thoughtful article. This gives me a vocabulary to work from, and some reflection on my own problems as a geek.
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