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Voices from beyond the e-grave...

In my day-to-day duties I use the "CTRL-V" (paste) function a lot. It comes of mountains of spreadsheets. But I'm a bit clumsy, and there's some key combination--I think it's [ctrl][option][v] that activates the microphone.

I don't have a microphone.

The speech recognition software, as far as I can tell, feeds on whatever random background stimulus it has--maybe my CD player, I don't know what--and tries to decide what I meant to say. The result is strangely like a ouija board's cryptic messages. Here's a particularly long, involved one that I got while my boss was looking over my shoulder as I edited a document for her:

.....Redo total
and some new play here: that the main line in the case you like me when moving to end up to stay at home via a losing interest in men's room.

Her home more and more than in the him in hang a Hong Kong and team lead over him and his and his his young as three Reed>and have the will of the him out of a his-and long-hitting than half of his own made a photo of them areas of total change of Ramona to

I was really reluctant to get back to my work, as this electronic spectre seemed to be making some genuine efforts at communication.

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