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The frustrating story of my first animated gif--

So, I made an animated GIF today. This isn't terribly amazing, though it's something I'd been wanting to do. I picked up a simple-looking GIF animator (Advanced GIF animator) - I should probably just work with Adobe After Effects, but I don't *have* that. Anyway, it requires you to be registered, or it sticks some text on your image saying "woe unto you, unto the sixth generation," or something to that effect.

Of COURSE my credit card had been cancelled. AGAIN. This always happens. The frustrating thing, of course--I'd payed my Mastercard on their website. I've done this two or three times this year, but the telidiot "helping" me hadn't any record of any payment ever. So I grumbled at him, he said something along the lines of "customer happiness isn't as important as your $15 pay-over-phone fee" or something, and then, when I whinged some more, his manager authorized him.

Sigh. I don't tend to record confirmation numbers, because if something says "YES! We thank you for your transaction!" I regard the expression of "successful operation" as a sign that the operation was successful.

Call me naive. You can even put the dots over the "i."

Anyway...I didn't get the animation software registered, so I'll probably just hold out and get Photoshop after-effects.

And here's my dancing mushroom. It needs to be optimized, it's a little bit K-heavy, but cute...

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