Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic


Spent Saturday at the Dallas World Trade Center, shopping for goodies for my mother's book and gift shop. It's nice to keep my foot in the door anyhow, since retail is always something I think about doing when I'm not playing mad happy Excel games for my office.

Anyway, I saw teh CUTEST christmas tree ornament. It was part of a small set wedged into the "Diva/Princess" set at one of the big christmas stores--Diva/Princess is one of the current big trends in product theming. I guess it got tucked there because of the color scheme.

Three very cute Christmas ornaments. The first was a round globe with the distinctive six-color rainbow of the Pride Flag. Then there were two different ornaments showing snowmen with big stovepipe hats and rainbow scarves--but one of them showed the two cartoony snowmen leaning in together for a big hug, wrapped in a big rainbow scarf that surrounded them both with color :) It was SO cute!
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