Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic


I was taking care of an old friend's old dogs this morning--and feeding them. I was, of course, running later than I wanted to be for work, so I put their food down, and hoped for the best.

The older one wolfed her 1C of kibble down in about 30 seconds. The other one decided to stretch out the pleasure a bit. It was almost sensuous.

First, he pulled the vitamin I'd put in the kibble out. And chewed it, noisily, for roughly 30 seconds. Before swallowing. Three times. He smacked his lips, and looked around a bit, testing the air. Then, he noticed that he'd lost a kib (half a kibble), and lapped it up off the floor. Then, he sniffed around that side of the bowl to see if there was anything else he missed. Then the front and rear of the bowl.

Then, hearing me swear, he stared at me with a "yes? What else were you doing?" beagle-eyed stare.

Then, he sniffed the contents of his bowl, and licked it (without eating any.)

Then, he licked the rim of his bowl.

Then, he very slowly licked the *sides* of his bowl. The outside, mind.

Once he'd finished fellating his dog bowl, he finally started actually eating two or three kibbles at a time.

The final score? 2/3 C of dog food, eight minutes.

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