Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic


We watched "Shark Boy and Lava Girl In 3-D" yesterday. Not out of any genuine love of the art of the film, but because it was supposed to be very very bad, and in 3-D, so we would add an element of physical pain, as well.

The film is very very bad, but kind of fun. It's pretty dumb, in that "not only talking to seven-year-olds, but talking down to seven-year-olds" that you sometimes get. Some nice 3-D effects, and some cute character moments, so actually kinda-sorta worth seeing, if you're a bad-movie afficiondo.

Anyway, somehow I have this reputation for inflicting bad movies on my friends. Like...Dr. Caligari. Butterfly suggested we see SB&LG, though, and generously said, "This makes up for The Cabinet of Dr. Caliente."

Hee hee...
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