Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

I've been having mouse lately...

One thing most pagany books will advise you to do, is look for connections. Find the soft pull to do something odd or different, follow it. Look for patterns.

I've had a small occurence of "mouse." It began yesterday in the car, when I drove downtown with a small box of garbage that I picked up outside my front door. The entire trip, there was a small, pathetic scrabbling sound coming from the box. I was pretty sure it was a rodent of some sort, probably a mouse. It turns out to have just been the seatbelt pressing against the cardboard, but it kept me jumpy and guessing for a good 15 minutes--a very convincing sound. I'm still not sure if it was the seatbelt, it sounded awfully claw-y.

When I let the dogs in last evening, Chipper was trying to hide something from me. The little beagle had a mouse in his mouth. It was still alive, barely, and he dropped it on the ground when I made him. It twitched a few times.

That second one is pretty unique, I've never seen him go after anything living before.

If I look back on the day with "connection vision," I could see other points (I ran into a few Mickeys), but that's an old Discordian game, making connections (any five pebbles thrown together will form a pentagon, "I find the law of fives to be more and more manifest the harder I look!", et cetera. But those were two fairly strong moments.

Both of them are also thwarted, contained, trapped, killed moments. Not the positive side of mouse, whatever Mouse's meaning is, but a very vital side of one of the ultimate prey species.

Anyway, ramble, ramble. Back to work.

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