Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

More mice--

One of my co-workers, either today or yesterday, put up a mouse (a computer mouse) in a mousetrap as a decoration in his cubical.

Checked Andrews' book on animal symbolism (Animal Magic, I think it's called.) Mouse indicates, according to his symbolism (which I've read cover to cover, so it's in my subconscious, too) a fine attention to detail.

Maybe I'm losing my big picture, or have been drowning myself in worry over minutia. Maybe I'll ask TexYote for a tarot reading, as a just-for-fun thing. It'll probably come up pentacles and swords.

I like pentacles, though. I love pattern and stability and the "earth" end of the four corners.

Babble, babble.
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